Polina Shubkina (MFA Photography, SCAD)

Polina Shubkina (MFA Photography, SCAD)

Polina is a Russian-Romanian photographer and editor of the Urbanautica magazine. She focuses on interviewing documentary and fine art photographers, art educators, scientists, and philosophers. Between 2011 and 2018 Shubkina showcased her work in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Hong Kong, France, Romania, and Russia. During the past seven years of her artistic research, Shubkina been dealing with the visual exploration of psychological states and associations ("Insomnia";"Color Studies";"Delirium Tremens") and making various attempts to clarify the "mystery of Russian soul" for the sake of building missing self-identity. Being born in the USSR during "Perestroika", Shubkina was growing up in the uncertainty of what it means to be Russian. This concept initiated her to create a fictional documentary series "Russian Dream" and documentary "HK Top Models" , sidetracked into the "Vietnam 1973" project, and finally, lead to the current documentary research on the fifth wave of Russian immigration.

Polina specializes in location and studio photography and is currently based in Prague (Czech Republic). For private commissions and collaborations (portraits, special projects, art direction & consulting), please contact her at shubkinap@gmail.com or by sending a message via the form below. 

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Work Experience

  • 2018 January-Present AIRBNB Photographer, (Prague, Czech Republic): Editorial photography of luxury property, Photoshop editing.

  • 2018 January-Present URBANAUTICA MAGAZINE-Editor In Chief, (Venice, Italy): Publishing articles, Quarterly Content Planning, Overseeing editors, Research, Final edits, Team leading, Grant proposals

  • 2016 April-2017 December URBANAUTICA MAGAZINE-Editor Eastern Europe, (Venice, Italy): Interviewing artists, curators, philosophers, scientists, and educators; publishing articles; translating Russian/English materials.

  • 2015 November-Present Freelance portrait and still life photographer, (Prague, Czech Republic): Commissioned to photograph portraits and compositions by a variety of clients.

  • 2014 June-2015 May Imagindustries Ltd, Marketing Specialist in Events Production (Hong Kong): Concept Development, Event Styling, On-­site Management, Photography, Videography.

  • 2013 August-­2014 August Style By Asia, Editor, (Hong Kong): Writing and publishing articles about Fine Art community and cultural scene in Asia.

  • 2011 September-­2015 July Freelance portrait and fashion photographer, (Hong Kong): Commissioned to photograph studio and environmental portraits by a variety of clients.

Speaking engagements

  • 2017 November European Month of Photography , conducting photo portfolio reviews, photo contest member of the jury, Bratislava, Slovakia

  • 2017 October Bucharest Photofest , Lecture "The 5th wave of Russian Emigration", invited speaker at the round table on the issues in documentary photography, invited to conduct photo portfolio reviews, Bucharest, Romania


  • 2016 November Slideluck, multimedia slideshow event, The Globe, Prague, Czech Republic

  • 2015 January Closed Eyes Opened , photography exhibition, collaboration with HK Society for the Blind, Hong Kong

Solo exhibitions

  • 2014 February Insomnia , photo exhibition by Polina Shubkina, MINT Gallery, Hong Kong

  • 2012 September Russian Dream , photo exhibition by Polina Shubkina, Artist Residence Gallery, Hong Kong

Group exhibitions

  • 2015 October-December Cliftons Art Prize, multimedia exhibition, Hutchison House, Hong Kong

  • 2015 October 16th Slide Luck Hong Kong, photography show, The White Loft, Hong Kong

  • 2015 July 13th Fifth Annual Exposure Award , photography exhibition, Musee du Louvre, Paris, France

  • 2014 October Ovolo Southside Opening , multimedia art exhibition, Ovolo Hotel, Hong Kong

  • 2013 August Absor[bed] , multimedia exhibition, XXX Gallery, Hong Kong

  • 2013 July Boing , multimedia exhibition, OSAGE Gallery, Hong Kong

  • 2013 April Silver and Ink , photo exhibition, Bergen Hall, Savannah, Georgia, USA

  • 2013 March Antipasto , fashion photography exhibition, The Hive, Hong Kong

  • 2012 August Art at the Third Street , group photo exhibition, Artist Residence Gallery, Hong Kong

  • 2012 June 4 Corners , group photo exhibition, Culture Club Gallery, Hong Kong

  • 2012 February Madness & the City , photography by Clara Forest and Polina Shubkina, Saffron Gallery, Hong Kong

  • 2009 June Cultural Parallels, fashion illustration show, USAAA Gallery, Yekaterinburg, Russia

  • 2007 August Unknown Prague, multimedia exhibition, Botanical Garden of Teplice, Czech Republic

Selected Publications

Urbanautica Magazine Publications


  • 2014 SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong: MFA Photography

  • 2011 ESMOD, International Establishment of Higher Education in Fashion Design, Paris, France: BA Fashion Design

  • 2009 USAAA, Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Yekaterinburg, Russia: BA Design



  • 2012 June-August Red Dog Studio, Photography Internship,Hong Kong: Photographer Assistant, Marketing research, Social Media Marketing

  • 2010 June-November KENZO, Accessories Design Internship, Paris, France: Materials research, Trends research, Technical drawings

  • 2009 January-April Araldi 1936, Accessory Design Internship, Paris, France: Technical drawings, Prototypes Corrections, Trends research


  • Art Direction, Creative concept writing, Videography, Fashion illustration

  • SMM, SEO, Copywriting, Events planning, On-site Management

  • Software: Photoshop,Bridge, Lightroom, Premiere

  • Camera: 5DMarklll, Nikon D800

  • Lighting Systems: Profoto Acute 2/ProB3, Broncolor Senso A2, Canon Speedlites, Nikon Speedlites

  • Output: Epson Stylus Pro Printers (3885, 7910, 9910)

  • Russian-native, English-full professional proficiency, French-limited working proficiency, Romanian-beginner