Polina Shubkina (MFA Photography, SCAD) is a Russian-Romanian photographer and editor of the Urbanautica magazine. Shubkina focuses on interviewing documentary and fine art photographers, art educators, scientists, and philosophers. Between 2011 and 2017 Shubkina showcased her work in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Hong Kong, France, Romania, and Russia. During the past seven years of her artistic research, Shubkina been dealing with the visual exploration of psychological states and associations ("Insomnia";"Color Studies";"Delirium Tremens") and making various attempts to clarify the "mystery of Russian soul" for the sake of building missing self-identity. Being born in the USSR during "Perestroika", Shubkina was growing up in the uncertainty of what it means to be Russian. This concept initiated her to create a fictional documentary series "Russian Dream" and documentary "HK Top Models" , sidetracked into the "Vietnam 1973" project, and finally, lead to the current documentary research on the fifth wave of Russian immigration.

Polina specializes in location and studio photography and is currently based in Prague (Czech Republic). For private commissions and collaborations (portraits, special projects, art direction & consulting), please contact her by leaving your message in the form below or directly at shubkinap@gmail.com

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