BTS "Psycho Princess"

Hong Kong based photographer Polina Shubkina teamed up with fashion designer Katie Ong for this dark, gothic inspired photo shoot. Photographer: Polina Shubkina Assistant: Skene Milne Designer: Katie Ong Video by Michael Rush: Hair and Makeup by Attitude: Model: Felicia Sin Space provided by XXX Gallery

"Palm" Video Installation

A collaborative project between Hong Kong based artists Michael Rush, Polina Shubkina, and Yael Bronner-Rubin, Palm is a three channel video and sound installation that immerses the viewer in a multi-sensual experience reminiscent of the transcendental meditative dance of the tribal shaman. Contemporary society in developed countries focuses on technological progress and frequently underrates the meaning of the spiritual experience, relating it to the wild, dated and uncivilized. Palm explores this particular side of the “wild” by merging various dance gestures from Europe, North America, Middle East and East Asia into a hypnotic and tempting digital ritual. The actions of the interpretive dance are mirrored over and over, generating a variety of hallucinogenic shapes. The figure remains a mystery with only its fingers visible; holding many possibilities as to its identity or simultaneous identities, and questioning the understanding and meaning of spirituality in the digital age.